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[Public] Welcome to AMP
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Welcome to the A*STAR Microscopy Platform - Light Microscopy (AMP|LM).

We are lucky to have a wide range of of excellent microscopes and techniques available in AMP for use in your experiments. We offer one-to-one training on all our microscopes, which is compulsory for you to attend before you're allowed to use them. We can tailor the training to your needs and level of experience. We also run regular courses on different techniques and the free image analysis program ImageJ (

Please feel free to get in touch with AMP staff ( if and when your experiments require the use of a microscope, image analysis and/or digital image processing.

More information on our light microscopes (AMP|LM) is available is on our website:

and for electron microscopy (AMP|EM) here:

To apply for an account:
1) Visit our online booking system here ( and follow the link at "If you do not have an account yet.." at the bottom of the page.
2) Also, fill out the form here ( in order to establish the billing arrangements. Please send the completed form to RSC Services <>
3) Once the account is approved, depending on your requirements either,
(i) To get trained and use the microscopes by yourself, please fill in the "Microscopy Training Application Form" under “Request” on the online booking system,
(ii) To discuss AMP-staff supported sessions/service and potential collaborations, please contact MA Xiaoxiao (

We look forward to meeting you and supporting your microscopy experiments in due course.


MA Xiaoxiao, PhD
Manager, A*STAR Microscopy Platform | LM

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