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How to apply for an AMP|LM account
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To apply for an account

1. Visit our online booking system here ( and follow the link at "If you do not have an account yet..." at the bottom of the page.
2. Fill out the form here ( in order to establish the billing arrangements. Please send the completed form to RSC Services <>.
3. Once the account is approved, depending on your requirements either,
a. For Model 1 to get trained to use a microscope by yourself, please fill in the "Microscopy Training Application Form" under “Request” on the online booking system
b. For Model 2 to request for staff-assisted microscopy service, please fill in the "Microscopy Service Request Form" under "Request" on the online booking system, or
c. For Model 3 to discuss potential collaboration with AMP staff please contact Graham Wright (

In accordance with A*STAR’s IT policy, accounts are deactivated if you do not login for 100 days

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